Center for Government Interoperability

Center for Government Interoperability

Our drive and passion is to bring interoperability to governent in order to make government more efficient, reduce government costs, promote citizen engagement, and make government more transparent.

Engagement Squared

CFGIO is a for-public-good entity that is responsible for building Engagement Squared, our app that builds government interoperability, business process improvement, and transparency through citizen engagement. There are thousands of government organizations that could receive benefits through CFGIO. Our intention is to provide services to government organizations through several programs within Engagement Squared including integrated software applications for managing their organizations.

Our interoperability apps haves the potential to quickly integrate all of government at every level across state and federal boundaries.

Engagement Squared

Engagement Squared crawls through every government organization in the world and improves every aspect of. It makes it easy for experts in every discipline, government, private industry and citizens to build real solutions in areas such as interoperability, process improvement, energy, finance, and transparency.


Enterprise Focused Development

The core direction of government IT is going the wrong way. The reason is a misunderstanding of how to build software, and lack of insight into the real mechanism for delivering IT services. Enterprise Focused Development is a profound concept outlining how to build software quickly, with high quality and interpoerability. Massive costs are not necesary to build large IT projects. The metholology not only describes how to build software cheaply and quickly, it provides deep insight into how to run an IT department.

Join Us

Join us! We are interested in new members that bring innovation to government.

Call for volunteers

Play a part in transforming government so that it is more efficient, transparent, and better serves its citizens. Volunteers needed: CIOs, programmers, computer security, legal and contracts experts, CFOs, data modelers, strategic planners and innovative thinkers. Email us for further information.

Call to government organizations

The Center is seeking government partners to join discussions and help us understand government's needs, to determine what type of computer business systems we offer to government organizations nationwide. What would you like to see regarding collective purchases with other government agencies? Email us for further information.