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Center for Government Interoperability

Government-Centric Components for an Open Source Enterprise Architecture Tool

Laying the foundation for building nationwide open source integration

Join other government organizations on this project to make innovative suggestions that transform a new tool into a building block for government-centric applications, collaboratively designed and built to radically increase interoperability throughout government.

The Center for Government Interoperability is working with an open source company to design new government-centric components for their EA tool that will enable federated data sharing. The tool is mature and has received a favorable review in the Journal of Enterprise Architecture.

For current and future versions, downloads and self-installs are free. The product is open source v.3.

The EA tool is a starter app for a future system of integrated government solutions such as project management applications. Everyone is welcome to contribute new components of the vision.

We are currently soliciting features for this EA tool

Let us know if your office would like to help define requirements, learn more about the project, have a trial demo using your data, or sponsor government-specific features. The Center would like to see additional data sharing capabilities that will allow all individual departments to enter and view their own data, and have totals automatically rolled up to your executive level organization.

Visit our forum where you can make suggestions regarding what features the tool should have, ask questions, and discuss ideas with other like-minded government entities. Become part of the government innovation environment. A summary of feature requests is located here.

Let's build it together!

Collective sponsorship is likely to cost significantly less than individuals buying a proprietary EA application. If you are considering buying an EA app, you may want to review this open source tool. It is available free now. The EA tool customization is one of projects in the Center for Government Interoperability’s marketplace that brings multiple government agencies together where they can collectively purchase or pay for the construction of open source software that, when construction is finished, will be free for everybody to download.

Let us know of any other state, local or federal government agencies that may be interested in sponsoring or defining requirements for this government-centric EA tool project so that this can become a collaborative project.

  • Requirements wish list - Summary of currently requested EA tool features, discussed in the forum below.
  • Contact us - Feel free to add as many feature requests as you'd like. Other government entities can look at your wish list, share ideas, and discuss them on the government discussion group below.
  • Discussion group - Government organizations can discuss features they would like to see, and see what ideas other government entities have. Feel free to make innovative suggestions and transform government into an idea laboratory. The commercial arm has offered to load part of a government organization’s data onto it so it can be demoed.
  • Free download from the Essential Project home page and Journal of Enterprise Architecture review.

There is an ongoing program to integrate many vertical open source solutions into the Enterprise Architecture tool. By participating, you are laying the foundation for a nationwide process of collaborative purchasing to build an enterprise-wide, open source application stack.

Essential Project Enterprise Architecture Tool - business architecture image