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Center for Government Interoperability

Center for Government Interoperability

Free Meeting Place for Government App Sharing

The Center has a program that provides a free meeting place for all government agencies to come together to share apps and offer discoverability of their sharable software via CFGIO’s marketplace database. The marketplace system matches interested government organizations to each other so that they can build and host the software themselves.

A unique and additional CFGIO feature is that this process is transparent within the marketplace system and private industry companies can, if specifically requested by government, bid to assist the multiple government agencies create their shared apps, or assist them in prototyping shared applications.

Using our free meeting place service, government organizations can work independently of the Center to create shared software apps and do not have to pay CFGIO any fees. They would however, not receive benefits of CFGIO hosting the system: (1) automatic continuous crowdsourced software improvements (2) server hosting and security updates (3) simplified billing (4) projects staying within the continuous integration and interoperability evaluation process (5) CFGIO project oversight.

To get started, send us an email describing the type of sharing that you're interested in.

  • Post software apps that you already own, and want to share with other government organizations
  • Seek to share software that other government agencies currently have
  • Find government partners to collectively build software that doesn't yet exist.

We will use the information that you send us to get you in touch with other like-minded government organizations working on projects similar to yours.

The Center is happy to bring government organizations together in a venue that promotes collaboration.

Gov2Gov Products Available To Be Shared





Project Synthesis Gov health services Project Synthesis is middleware that serves as a web service translation layer between various public and proprietary Health and Human Services XML and CSV formats. Two private nonprofit organizations, 2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares, Inc. and Homeless Services Network, Inc. are using Synthesis to collaborate with their community partner agencies to expand HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) data collection on homeless clients, but it could be used to translate between any health and human services data formats. Project is located at: Documentation at: Project Synthesis

We will work hard to maximize the collaboration potential of your organization