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Center for Government Interoperability

Center for Government Interoperability

Multi-Discipline Solutions

Improving Every Dimension of Government

There is a tremendous opportunity to integrate innovation. The Center's Multi-Discipline Solutions program provides a service that combines certified process improvement teams from multiple disciplines and brings them all together to provide recommendations to individual government agencies. Each discipline expert has unique skills to view opportunities from a different perspective. An example would be a procurement expert that trains your procurement staff to save money in many areas of the procurement process such as licensing, group purchases and contract management. Another discipline is printer management, where an expert calculates the total cost of ownership of printers and toner to save potentially thousands of dollars a month. Other examples of disciplines include security, energy, mobile apps and many others.

All of the experts that you select to work with integrate their solutions in order to leverage on-site collaboration opportunities they have with other experts while they are working with you at the same time. For example, the procurement expert can partner with the print management expert to create an optimal plan for printer/toner purchases.

Our certified experts charge fees for performing their analysis, training and services. They are bound by our code of ethics to provide real value, transparency and honesty to lower government costs and give taxpayers savings.

Business process improvement companies interested in becoming certified by the Center for Government Interoperability can contact us here.

In the coming months, we will add many new experts and costs savings opportunities. For each discipline we will post a list of experts, estimates of how much they can save you, and performance metrics describing past success in areas of cost, process improvements, citizen services and other criteria. We will also help bring you and your fellow government agencies together to create shared services, buying coops and other collaborative processes.

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The Center's goal is to provide a whole range of enterprise-wide improvements in a holistic sense to government areas we engage with. We are looking forward to saving you money, improving citizen services and building innovation into government.

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Cost Savings

Commercial, Nonprofit or Government Experts

Print Management Print Management is a scientific method for configuring your printers and ink cartridge purchases so that that printing documents costs less. A large organization can save thousands of dollars each month using this methodology. Details
Spend Management Spend management is an enterprise wide view of procurement. It is common in the private sector and just being discovered by government. Offerings include procurement coaching to train government regarding how to save money, obtain higher quality products, obtain lower prices for software licenses, how to form a purchasing co-op. Details
Business Process Reengineering Business process reengineering (BPR) helps organizations fundamentally rethink how they do their work in order to dramatically improve customer service, cut operational costs, and become world-class organizations. Details
Innovation In Government How the public sector can develop and sustain a culture of innovation. Sustained innovation requires a methodical view of the innovation process, a view that links the mission to organizational structure, processes, and reward systems. To create a culture with a sustained capacity to innovate requires an external orientation, a willingness to draw on all sources of innovative ideas - employees, citizens, and other public or private organizations. Details
Power Management Energy use is the single largest building operating expense according to the EPA. Both rising energy costs and government directives are driving the need for networked building energy management. Get expert advice on a broad spectrum of energy management principles and techniques. Details