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Open Source Solutions by Category

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Open Source Repositories

Service Desk Solutions

Certifications - Free to download, OTRS is an open source software system for managing a wide range of business processes, from Help Desk to Support Center to IT Service Management. Based on a set of functions built on a "trouble ticket," OTRS is built to allow support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, support desk and many other departments to react quickly and responsibly to inbound inquires. Support: CFGIO

Parking Management Solutions


Government parking management software application for federal, state, local organizations. Estimate: VyaNax's total price: $159,000. The product can be collectively purchased by multiple government agencies so that the more purchasing partners participate, the less expensive the price is for each agency. Support: VyaNax Solutions CFGIO

Content Management Solutions


Plone - a powerful, mature platform for complex, supporting world-class applications. Its a great choice for complex web needs. More than 1,000 Plone plug-ins are available, please refer to: Plone officially has 358 service providers in 97 countries with many more individual developers contributing to Plone. Visit the providers list: Support: CFGIO

Cloud Services


Autonomic Resources is a service integration firm and cloud provider serving the U.S. federal government. Core capabilities include the implementation of strategic technologies including data center automation, cloud computing, open source adoption, information assurance and compliance, advanced network infrastructure, and software development services. Headquartered in Cary, N.C., Autonomic is also a US SBA certified 8(a) SDB. CFGIO, US SBA certified 8(a) SDB, currently in FISMA Moderate approval review