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Collective Prototyping

Taking the risk out of new projects

The Center offers government vendor-assisted individual agency prototyping, or a venue to find other like-minded government agencies to collectively prototype shared systems. If a single government organization or multiple government organizations can't afford a large system all at once, CFGIO vendors can assist them with initial prototyping and then implement production versions in stages to take advantage of agile development methods. Additional components can be added via the Marketplace Bidding System as government clients can afford them.

Software developers interested in becoming certified by the Center for Government Interoperability to prototype client systems, are encouraged to contact us.

Vendor-assisted prototyping can improve requirements gathering for complex projects. Prototyping can also greatly increase the accuracy of project estimates and reduce project cost by handling requirements cheaper, more efficiently and building them with higher quality.

Our goal is to give government inexpensive prototypes, collectively sharing the same system if possible, so that government business analysts can experiment in a safe and innovative environment to save money and keep under project reporting thresholds. Project feasibility becomes more tangible and benefits both government and vendors.

Free Student Prototypers

The Center partners with colleges and universities to provide free prototyping services to government. The universities' objective is to provide graduate students with real world software project experience with an emphasis on teamwork, written and oral presentations, ethics and business and industrial projects. Students are typically only available for one semester, for short projects. They may not have specific commercial licenses such as Oracle or Microsoft. If your agency needs specific operating systems, databases or programming languages, you will have to provide them to the students. Students programmers operate under the oversight of their professor and are well suited for feasibility studies. The Center and the students to do not charge any fees.

If projects initiated using student prototypers are determined to be feasible, government agencies have the option of transferring the project to professional developers working under CFGIO oversight.

Higher education computer science, information science, and engineering departments interested in participating in our program are encouraged to contact us. Educational institutions offering student prototypers are listed in the table below.

Professional Software Development Company Prototypers

Commercial vendors are able to handle, large, long term projects and have the capability to convert prototypes into full production, working systems. The Center provides oversight for these projects and coordinates data integration and interoperability analysis.

The Center encourages multiple government agencies to apply together for multi-tenant or other types of shared projects

To get started, send us an email describing your idea and we will post it on our site where other government agencies interested in the same software system can find it and CFGIO vendors can submit bids for it.

In a separate program, the Center maintains a Free Meeting Place program that enables government organizations to find each other, meet and create or share system building or prototyping by themselves without vendors.

Government Agencies Seeking
Innovative Ideas and Prototypes

Contact the Center to initiate communiations

Government Agency


Date Updated is a place where you can help the government solve problems and win prizes. The site is filled with competitions and contests that ask the public for ideas, designs, prototypes, videos, games or mobile apps, just to name a few. You can search by category or federal agency to find and enter challenges on If you don’t have a solution to offer, you can vote for your favorite submissions, register your support for a challenge, and share it with your friends and followers via email, Facebook, and Twitter. is full of exciting opportunities for students and others. Visit today and help bring innovative solutions to government. Learn more about Challenge & Prize Competitions. Video: One Year of Winning Innovations. Follow @ChallengeGov and like 2011-Oct-21


Approved Prototyping Software Developers

Contact the Center to initiate the prototyping process

Software Prototype Developer



Date Updated

Professional Developers or Free Students

Performance Metrics

NJIT and Stevens Institute of Technology Students Larry Bernstein, Software Engineering Professor oversees student programmers for 6 month or less projects. Prototyping is free. The university's objective is to provide graduate students with real world software project experience with an emphasis on teamwork, written and oral presentations, ethics and industrial projects. Companies like Avaya, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, Citigroup and Telcordia as well as smaller companies have participated in this program in the past. Professor Bernstein will need two or three projects for Fall 2011 semester starting at the end of August. CFGIO 2011-May-15 Free Students Past projects include graduate students building the software for a ground controller at NASA to identify, track, and predict the impact location of a space capsule during its reentry process to ensure prompt recovery.
VyaNax Solutions Pvt. Ltd. VyaNax Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 201, Sahaj Arcade, Science City Road, Sola, Ahmedabad – 380 062, Gujarat, India. CFGIO - Passed data modeling certification with high score July 15, 2011 Professional Developer Has been an international developer for several years.