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Center for Government Interoperability

Center for Government Interoperability

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Join us! We are interested in new members that bring innovation to government.

Call for volunteers

Play a part in transforming government so that it is more efficient, transparent, and better serves its citizens. Volunteers needed: CIOs, programmers, computer security, legal and contracts experts, CFOs, data modelers, strategic planners and innovative thinkers. Email us for further information.

Call for products

The Center is soliciting business software products for government use. Commercial vendors, programmer volunteers, and government developers are encouraged to build open source products that government organizations can collectively pay for, that will be hosted by CFGIO. Email us for further information.

Call to government organizations

The Center is seeking government partners to join discussions and help us understand government's needs, to determine what type of computer business systems we offer to government organizations nationwide. What would you like to see regarding collective purchases with other government agencies? Email us for further information.

  • Build it together campaign - Currently soliciting government-centric feature requests for an Enterprise Architecture tool. Discussion group and website.
  • General discussion group for government organizations. Register at this site and join our government discussion group.
  • Vendor Information

    Private industry vendors and software developers can find information for participating in the Center's program at our vendor landing page. Discuss topics with CFGIO and other software developers at our vendor discussion group on Linkedin.

    The Center is asking vendors to step beyond their traditional
    roles and help design a government interoperability blueprint

    CFGIO wants to challenge you to offer innovative ways that your solutions can be integrated with other disciplines and software applications to leverage the value of your services. We encourage collaboration with other vendors to offer government packages of integrated solutions.

    The Center would like to see your vision for improving government, and to have you provide products and services that constitute stepping stones towards the vision. We'd like to post your vision and solutions in our marketplace in a manner that lets the government marketplace choose and implement the vision.